Each year Natural Fitness Solutions adopts local families who need a little help around the holidays.  This year we have offered to help 3 local families.  If you would like to help out, please take a look at the list below.  Once you are have chosen the gift(s) you would like to donate, please email us what item you will be purchasing (helps us avoid duplicates) -  Please bring the gift to our gym, wrapped, with a tag indicating, the Family (1, 2 or 3) and the gender and age of the child.  The gifts need to be collected by December 16th at the latest.  If you have any questions, please do not hesistate to contact us via the email above.  Thank you for your help - it is truly appreciated!!!

Family # 1 2 boys
Single Mom – 2 boys, preschool & infant
Kinder Boy, size 6 clothes, size 11 shoes; craft supplies, paint, playdough, games for his age group, he also likes Jenga, yahtzee. And age 5-7 toys for boys and games I


nfant boy, wears 6-9 months clothing, and also needs size 4 diapers (mom would really appreciate disposable diapers size 4) Maybe a first y...ear Christmas ornament too

Family #2 3 kids
Girl . Girl legos. Any kind of boy or girl Barbie. 18" doll clothes. Journal. Size 3 1/2 snow boots. Winter gloves. Beads for bracelets.

Teen Girl:
fuzzy socks. Gift card to the mall, Wal-Mart or Target. Earrings. Acrylic or water color paint. Paint brushes. Ear buds. Drawing pads. A 2018 planner. Calligraphy pens.

Boy 10 - Gift cards would probably be best. a winter coat probably size 14/16

Family # 3 Single Parent Home 3 boys
The older boys are hard because of their ages 18 (men's Lrg) & 16 (men's Med). So the best thing for them really would be gift cards to the Kittery Trading Post, Cumberland Farms (for gas), Amazon, anything like that. It's not exciting but it is what they would use. They always could use new winter hats/gloves and socks

Youngest boy 6. He likes hot wheels, paw patrol, games, and puzzles. He loves to construct things and do crafts.