WELCOME to Defend ME

Here at Defend ME, we offer practical, easy to learn systems that provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to protect yourself if the situation arises.
We are located in Kittery, Maine and serve areas throughout New England.  Our studio is located at Natural Fitness Solutions in Eliot.
We are the premier location in the area for training in Michael Janich's Modern Systems of Martial Blade Concepts/Counter Blade Concepts/Practical Unarmed Combative (MBC).
We also offer training in Mountain Storm Karate-do which is a self-defense based martial are based on elements of Japanese karate and Brazilian Jujitsu.  
In addition to our weekly classes we are available for small group training as well as personal lessons.
We also offer full-day/weekend seminars.
Feel free to stop by and visit or drop us a note for more information.
Our classes are located at Natural Fitness Solutions
Tuesday from 6-7:30pm for Karate and MBC
Thursdays from 6-7:30pm for Karate
Sunday from 10-11:30 for MBC