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Flatten YOUR Curve

You are here exploring our program because you are ready for a change, but just aren't

sure where to start!  

We hope that you will find this information helpful in making decision to start a nutrition, exercise and wellness program that will change your life.  

8 Week Workshop

Run 2x a year - October and January 


Wellness Group Sessions 7:00pm every Wednesday 



What YOU can Expect from THIS 8 Week Program.........

  • Nutrition Program

  • Gym Membership (see program options)

  • Weekly Group Wellness Sessions

  • Strength Program

  • Cardio Classes

  • Dedicated Facebook page for Support

  • Dedicated NFS Staff for your Success

  • FUN

  • A program that you will last you a lifetime

  • REAL Food that YOU like and choose

What NFS Expects from YOU during the 8 Week Program.........

  • Commitment to Work Hard

  • Positive Attitude

  • Attend Weekly Group Wellness Sessions

  • Commit to Work Out 4x/week (for best results)

  • Share and Participate 

  • Have Fun and Laugh

Game Changer Membership Options

Complete Game Changer


This program Includes EVERYTHING:

  • Nutrition Program

  • Strength Program

  • Weekly Group Wellness Sessions

  • Before/After Pictures

  • COMPLETE Gym Membership**

Coming in June and October 2020 and January 2021

Game Changer/Wellness


Already belong to a gym but need a program and support - this one is for YOU!!!

  • Nutrition Program

  • Strength Program

  • Weekly Group Wellness Sessions

  • Before/After Pictures

Coming in June and October 2020 and January 2021

NFS Current Members


Already a member and enjoying everything NFS has to offer but would like to try the Nutrition/Wellness - this program is for YOU! (already participated in Game Changer and still have books - then this is for YOU TOO!!)

  • Game Changer Program

  • Weekly Group Wellness Sessions

  • Before/After Pictures

  • Current Gym Membership includes Strength program

Coming in June and October 2020 and January 2021

Still Not Convinced It's for YOU!!!

Here are some of the amzing before and after pictures from PAST clients!!

This 8 week nutrition program includes an easy to follow nutrition program.

It's REAL everyday food that will teach you which foods your body enjoys and provides energy and which ones don't.  

We have ran this program for many years because of the success our clients have with it and the sustaining results. 

Suggested menus, food lists, and recipe book included!

Game Changer

NFS will provide you workouts that will include entire body strength workouts and cardio.  We will provide instruction and support during gym hours - join at NFS or online via ZOOM.  

It is anticipated that you will workout 4+times a week either at NFS or on your own.


This commitment will provide you the greatest results.  

Strength Program

Group sessions are available through Agape Wellness Coaching. 


Group will meet weekly on Wednesday Nights Online (Zoom) - 7pm

We will explore what motivates you so you stick to this program now and beyond the 8 weeks.

It will provide a new outlook on food and diets and how to trust yourself to eat the right foods when your body wants them.

It will be a fun/interactive group - be prepared to share and participate for best results for you and the entire group

Learn more about Agape Wellness Coaching on their website

Wellness Group Sessions

NFS is a 24/7 gym and offers classes in the morning and evening hours and online - so there are NO EXCUSES for not getting to the gym.

Check out our schedule to see which classes you would like to try during your 8 week membership.

We encourage you to include cardio in your weekly workouts and NFS provides you many options to make sure you can make it happen:

  • Focus 30

  • Kickboxing

  • Circuit Training

  • Cardio Equipment

Unlimited Gym Membership


Making a decision like this can be scary and we are sure you have questions - so please don't hesitate to reach out to us either via Facebook messenger @NaturalFitnessSolutions or email -


We would love for you to join us but would hate to think you didn't because all your questions weren't answered here!!!

Natural Fitness Solutions is located conveniently in
Eliot, Maine at 398 Harold Dow Highway - Eliot Business Park, Unit #46