In 2008, we set out to compete in our first triathlon.  Not having a real good sense of what that may take to accomplish,  we were committed to completing it no matter what.  What we realized is that it takes a lot of focus on every aspect of fitness - from conditioning, strength training and nutrition.  Every year since then, we have pushed ourselves even further.  Adding more and more to our bucket list!  We are no longer just trying for ONE event, we make sure we have a years worth of events to keep us going. Our vision is to get everyone off the couch and challenge yourself. Keep pushing your limits and fulfilling your dreams.


We used this same mindset when putting together our vision for Natural Fitness Solutions.  We believe that goals (bucket lists) will help you stay on track.  Every goal is going to require you to build a strong core, strength, great cardio and a good sense for healthy eating.   We are here to help you achieve the ultimate goal or a LIST of goals. 

            BUCKET LIST
Since we started we have completed MANY bucket lists - they include:

1/2 Marathon in Disney, Portsmouth Half Marathon, Grand Canyon Half Marathon, Spartan Sprint Race, Triathlons, Duatholon, Seacoast Road Race Series, Disney Dopey Race and Wine and Dine, Rhode Island Half Marathon series and in 2016 completed the Spartan TRIFECTA. And the list continues to grow.

            HOW CAN WE HELP YOU?

We challenge you - if you are looking at our website you must have some goal in mind and are looking for some help.  Put together that bucket list and contact us today so we can get started!!  Don't be afraid to push yourself - you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.





We are always looking for ways to help out our community.  In the past we've hosted a dodgeball tournament to raise money for veterans, Turkey Trot to raise money for Seeds of Faith and this year we are adding an obstacle race - do you have a community need?  Let us know - we would LOVE to help! 


We organized the first Turkey Trot of South Berwick in 2014. There were 28 runners/walkers in this festive family event. This is now an annual event on Thanksgiving Day. Join us  for a fun morning before dinner. Limit of 100 people. Sign-up through the website starting around September and like us on Facebook for more information.

Marcia and Jody  are ACE Certified Personal Trainers!!!

Marcia Adair A.C.E. P.T. - Has been involved in athletics her entire life.  As an adult, she played in Women's basketball leagues and then went onto coach Girl's basketball for 6 years until turning back to becoming a competitive participant in athletics.  In the past several years, she has accomplished several 1/2 marathons, Spartan Races, Warrior Dash, a couple of physique competitions, and the bucket list continues.

Jody Ferreria, D.C.,A.C.E. P.T. - is a Chiropractor, Nutritionist, and Personnal Trainer who has been bitten by the competitive bug.  She has transformed herself physically and mentally. She has lost over 40 pounds in one year while getting ready for her first bodybuilding competition. She too has accomplished several 1/2 marathons, Spartan Races, Warrior Dash, Seacoast Road Series, and a couple of physique competitions. Check out my blog here.

Together we hope to extend to our clients what we learned that works and possibly doesn't work so you can enjoy the same new healthy and active lifestyle that we do!